more footage from DIGNITY BIKES

video by Anggra Serigala and Diamond Greaser



Im cursing 128kbps mp3.

My will is to find an eargasm for each sound clarity.

An audiophile is a hobbyist who seeks high-quality audio reproduction via the use of specialized high-end audio electronics. Audiophiles prefer to listen to music at a quality level that is as close to the original performance as possible using high-fidelity components.

Audiophiles play music from a wide variety of sources such as phonograph records, compact discs (CDs), and digital audio file formats that are uncompressed as well as ones that are compressed using lossless data compression like FLAC, Windows Media Audio 9 Lossless and Apple Lossless(ALAC).

And so,this is the gear that meet me with eargasm (my latest set up) :

iPod nano + Derringer amp + Hippo Shroom EB+ALAC file = EARGASM.

Skull candy?Mixstyle headphone? Its just a joke.


more at : jaben network | Head-Fi | Headphonia | Audiophile Indonesia


First,let me introduce you : B O R G O R E, one of my influence dubstep producer.

Borgore is the nickname of Israeli dubstep producer Asa Borger currently releasing music through the Shift Recordings Terminal Dusk Trill Bass Zaudio and Mad Decent He is also the drummer for death metal band Shabir and part of the Alpha Male dubstep duo primates consisting of him and Tomba

What do you get when a former Israeli death-metal drummer decides to put away his sticks and produce dubstep instead? You get Borgore and what he has branded “gorestep”. Most dubstep purists (re: cry babies) absolutely detest Borgore, which is actually how he got the title for his latest EP, “Borgore Ruined Dubstep.” He got that from a title of a thread started on dubstepforum.com when he first came on the scene as a little joke to all the haters. While I understand his hard style and misogynist lyrics may not be for everyone, you still have to respect the dude for making music that he himself wants to hear. The dubstep scene is varied and diverse and that’s why it is gaining so much popularity—there is literally something for everyone. For example, the first show I heard a Borgore track dropped was at Caspa and Benga @ Webster Hall about a year ago. The show was pretty straight-forward. Caspa did his set with a good mix of popular tunes, exclusive remixes, and stuff from his own album. Then it happened. The distinctive opening of “Act like a Ho” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT7BuQNljYA came on and I looked over at my buddy (big ups Puna!) and we lost our shit. “Girl, when we in bed act like a ho / ho, when we in bed act like a ho / girl, take example from these bitches / in bed act like a ho, BUT FIRST DO THE DISHES!” Literally every girl in the place looked confused as shit and then there was the drop and everything turned back to normal. That entire show was pretty much one big blur as that’s usually how it goes, but I remember that moment perfectly. A few months later I got to see Borgore throw down a set @ HARD NYC and the dude absolutely killed it. His set started slightly before the Skream and Benga set ended on the main stage and as soon as Skream walked offstage pretty much the entire crowd migrated over to Borgore and carried the good vibes from his set with them. Borgore went hard and spun some of the dankest wobble you’ve ever heard. In the middle of his set he played a remix of System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” and the crowd went fucking crazy, at one point a mosh pit started. You heard me right. A fucking mosh pit at a dubstep show. Dubstep elitists (re: douchebags) probably see that as a bad thing for the scene, but let me ask you this; have any of you done a set that got the crowd so amped that someone threw a bottle on stage breaking your macbook, which in turn ended the show? Because Borgore did. Bitches.


original script are here : Mr.Wife



Hello,my name is deborah. I am IRO mark V “56